Twitter’s Evan Williams blogs for Google’s ears

Last Thursday Twitter’s CEO Evan Williams published a fairly innocuous looking blog article about Twitter’s 3rd-party app ecosphere, giving some insight into their recent acquisitions, like that of Tweetie on the iPhone, which is now Twitter for iPhone.

The long and the short of the piece is that as Twitter’s usage continues to grow (up to 145m users from 130m just a few months ago) the only provider of Twitter experiences that has any real reach is Twitter themself.

The venerable guys at Venture Beat published an interesting response to Evan’s article where they suggest that even though it’s a long dead rumour that Google were talking to Twitter about a possible purchase, it’s worth looking at who the probable audience was for article.

Google are frantically trying to develop a social media strategy, with a raft of recent social media acquisitions from Slide to Social Deck, so would it be so crazy to think that they might volte-face and snap up Twitter to use as the backbone?

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