UWE Coffeemat Challenge, Spring 2011 Results

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Now that the dust has settled on the Spring Term Coffeemat Challenge at UWE it’s time to take a look at the results of the competition in a new light. There was much fanfare attached to the competition winners, who each took away a great prize;

Heat 1

Winner: Robert Brocas

Idea: “Uwes pubs should have coffee cards system so that we can get the 8th pint free.”

Prize: Digital Camera

Heat 2

Winner: Jonatello Batac

Idea: “Get a change machine in the Laundry room so that we don’t have to worry about hunting for pound coins. It benefits both uni and students :)”

Prize: Xbox 360

Heat 3

Winner: Daniel Pico

Idea: “Rental Lockers on site at UWE.”

Prize: Asus Netbook

While it’s important to recognise the winners and all their hard work in attracting the votes needed to succeed in the competition, it’s always been our intention for the Coffeemat Challenge to be about more than giving away prizes and we’ve been working hard on ways to deliver more. I’m pleased to say that for the first time we’re able to provide a list of  the ‘best’ ideas in the competition as voted for by you all. This is based on a version of the sentiment score that was publicised to participants during the competition.

Without further ado, the best ideas were:

First Place

“Display & sell artwork from UWE students at Frenchay.  Help creative students earn money whilst adding some creativity to Frenchay campus.” – UWE Artists

This idea was sponsored by Neil Clarke from the Student Union (and as such not eligible to win prizes) and was very well received by you all.

Second Place

“we should be able to submit our coursework via myuwe. (electronically) saving time and money to print it off.” – pittu

Third Place

“I think Bristol should have an Oyster card system on busses to speed up bus journeys and reduce traffic.” – Lauren Morrice

Fourth Place

“The library should buy back course books from students to increase stock of core text books. More copies for students/money back for books” – Caroline Bland

Fifth Place

“Have a facility in the library where you can download electronic versions of the book you require.” – Stuart Medhurst

I’m also very pleased to say that we’ve been told by UWE that there  is now a change machine in the laundry room. This idea won Heat 2 of the competition and was ranked 7 in the best ideas list.

So as we head towards the summer break, there’s food for thought in the results of the spring Coffeemat Challenge.

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