Facebook’s Ever Decreasing Social Circles

Yesterday Facebook blogged an update to their Groups feature, which they launched last October, recognising correctly that people have multiple real-world social circles and that Facebook’s relentless stream doesn’t really reflect that well; Facebook assumes that the person that you go climbing with at the weekend is interested in something that you shared with an old University friend, say. Groups is their answer to this.

And so Zuckerberg sayeth: “Go forth and create groups that you may share more relevant content with each other”.

All of this brought to mind a presentation by Paul Adams (@padday)┬áthat he wrote last year when he was a UX Researcher at Google. Interestingly a quick look at his web-site reveals that his tenure at Google ended late last year and he’s now a researcher for Facebook.

Adams concerns himself largely with the fact that in the real-world we have several overlapping and non-overlapping social circles and that Facebook and other Social Networks don’t reflect this well at all. Given the fact that Social is something that Google is famously bad at perhaps there’s a reason that he’s now working with Facebook?

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