Apps for Android, Google Have Been Busy!

Google have had a busy year so far with over 50 updates to Google Apps, which is quite some going but I get disproportionately excited about updates to Google Docs. The last really big one for me was the massive update to the comments system which has literally transformed the way we use docs now. Although in fairness the recent update to the file upload system – drag and drop files directly into the document browser – will rate highly too when that finally filters through to Apps accounts (it’s available now to normal Google Account users).

But the latest announcement of a really useful front end for Docs on Android devices rates pretty high on the cool scale too. Apart from being a nicer way to navigate multiple docs accounts it also offers the ability to share documents with other users, an important feature missing from the mobile web version. Dave tells me that the document scanning feature is very cool too – you can use your phone to scan documents into editable format.

Currently you can’t search the market place for it so yf you want to get started immediately (like I did), point your phone at this here QR code thingamejig:

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