EVANSFINCH have been trading since 2007 and in that time we’ve created many web-sites (for clients like the NHS and DWP), online “experiences” (for instance Children of Herne) and even games (Bearded Ladyboarding, anyone?).

The word “social” underpins everything we do but it transcends simply Media; we’ve worked on e-democracy projects and we strive in all we do to make things a little better, so for us while social media is important, it’s only the beginning.

Since 2009 we’ve been running Coffeemat Challenges and since 2010 we’ve been helping small businesses with the cloud (in 2011 we even set up Cloud Touch to deal with increasing demand).¬†We also build bespoke web-sites but increasingly we find that WordPress does more than enough for most businesses at a fraction of the cost, both to create and maintain. And since we eat our own dogfood, this site is built using a basic WordPress theme.

If any of that sounds interesting, let’s have a chat; give Chris a call on 0844 870 1975 or drop us an email to info@evansfinch.co.uk.