Coffeemat Challenge

A common story that we hear from universities across the UK is that students are becoming less and less receptive to email whereas they are increasingly using Facebook.

This creates a problem for all departments within universities but it can be particularly acute for enterprise and entrepreneurship teams, which often use email to promote extra-curricular services.

“Webmail usage declined precipitously (59%) in 2010 amongst 12-17 year-olds”, Comscore 2010 US Digital Year in Review [2]

A potential solution to the problem is to reach out to students within Facebook but this can be tricky as many have found.

What’s the best way to engage students whilst promoting enterprise & entrepreneurship and without being too pushy?

The Coffeemat Challenge is an innovative online competition that appeals to students and encourages them to use Facebook and Twitter to promote entrepreneurship and enterprise.

“96% of students use Facebook for more than 61 minutes a day”, Study from the University of New Hampshire [3]